Terms and Conditions of Hire 


Terms and Conditions




  1. Freedom Bike Hire are hereafter referred to as the Hirer.  
  2. The bicycle(s), equipment and accessories in this hire contract are the sole property of the Hirer and are hereafter referred to as the Equipment on Hire.
  3. The person entering this agreement to hire is hereafter referred to as the Hiree.
  4. The replacement costs for Equipment and Accessories, referred to in this agreement are defined as the following:


The Hiree must be 18 years or older. The Hiree must present suitable photographic identification i.e. passport, residencia or driving license, together with a form of proof of address if this is not shown on the document supplied. A copy of identification documents will be held solely for the duration of the hire period and will be destroyed once the equipment is returned.


The Hiree agrees to pay for the full period of bike hire on receipt of invoice which will be presented at the point of hire or emailed on receipt of a confirmation of a reservation. Only payment of the invoice by credit/debit card will confirm the reservation. Cancellations made up to 7 days prior to the start of the rental period will be given a full refund in all other instances no refunds will be given.


At the point of collection, the security deposit, covering all equipment on hire is applied. Security deposits will be held in cash or taken by a credit/debit card pre-authorization. This is a precautionary measure only in case of non-return of any of the equipment on hire or damage. Security deposits will be refunded or the pre-authorisation cancelled at the end of the hire period. Security deposits for hire periods longer than 6 days will require the Hirer to reconfirm the pre-authorisation during the hire period to ensure it remains valid for the duration of the agreement.


All equipment on hire must be returned promptly at the agreed end of the rental period within the Hirers normal business hours which are 09.30–14.00hrs(Monday – Saturday in October, November, March)09:30-16:00hrs(Monday - Friday(14:00hrs Saturday) in April - September). The Hiree is reminded of the importance of a prompt return of equipment as it may be contracted to be issued to another customer. Should the Hiree be in any doubt about their ability to return equipment at the agreed time they should contact the Hirer in the first instance who will endeavor to assist. The Hiree may arrange with the Hirer for an extension to the Hire Agreement, which will be charged at the prevailing advertised rate(s) but In the event that the Hirer is subsequently unable to fulfil another customers order the Hiree may be charged a fee relative to the loss of the Hirer.


The Hiree confirms that they and any members of their party are in good health and that they are not suffering from any medical conditions or disability which is likely to adversely affect their control of the bicycle(s).  All bikes are hired on the understanding that the Hiree understands and accepts all inherent risks involved with cycling. Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied at all times. The Hirer does not provide any cover nor cannot accept any liability or potential liability to third parties. The Hiree indemnifies Freedom Bike Hire against theft of the equipment, any injury to themselves or any third party and any damage to property howsoever caused.


The Hirer confirms that all equipment on hire will be checked before each hire period and will be presented to the Hiree clean, roadworthy and equipped with all relevant accessories. 


The Hiree must not lend the equipment on hire to any third party for free or for hire or gain.


All bicycle(s) are equipped with a kickstand which must be used when the bike is not being ridden. All bicycle(s) are equipped with front and rear lights which must be used at all times between dusk and dawn. Lights are provided for your increased visibility to other road users and are not intended to fully illuminate routes. All bicycle(s) are issued with a lock which must be used at all times when the bike is not in use, unattended or stored. The bicycle(s) should be locked to an immovable object.


All bicycle(s) are hired with a helmet free of charge and its use is strongly recommended.  However, responsibility for the wearing of helmets within the limits of Spanish laws sits with the Hiree. It is the responsibility of the Hiree to abide by Spanish road laws a summary of which are available on request and at www.freedombikehire.eu


All bicycle(s) are hired with a spare inner tube, tools and a pump. Bicycle(s) saddle bags also contain guidance and instruction on how to replace an inner tube. If the Hiree chooses not to replace an inner tube during the hire period and requests attendance. There could be a delay in providing you with assistance depending on availability of staff and a reasonable charge may be incurred by the Hiree.

All equipment on hire is to be checked and accepted by the Hiree prior to the start of the rental period. 


Use, damage or loss of equipment on hire will be assessed by the Hirer and will be charged to the Hiree at the cost of replacement.


Labour to repair or replace parts will be charged at 15€/hour.


Any equipment on hire not returned at the end of the hire period (without the prior approval of the Hirer) will be deemed to be stolen. All details of the Hiree will be provided to the local police for investigation. 


In the event of a theft a report must be made to the local police by the Hiree.


In case of breakdown or malfunction of the equipment on hire the Hiree must inform the Hirer as soon as possible and the Hirer will endeavor to assist at the first opportunity. If unsure if the equipment on hire is roadworthy or safe the Hiree should not continue to use if further damage to the equipment or the safety the Hiree is at risk.


The Hirer reserves the right to refuse an agreement.  



Equipment - Replacement Costs

Wayscral 415 City E-Bike 840€

Evado 2.0 Men 450€

Evado 2.0 Women 450€

Trans 1.0 Women 450€

Tile 120 Folding Bike 300€

RS500 250€

Unisex City Bike 180€

Tag A Long 150€

Children’s Bikes (Various) 140€

Child Seats 40€


Accessories - Replacement Costs

Battery for Wayscral 415 City E-Bike 350€

Lights – front and rear 10€

Bell 3€

Saddle bag 10€

1 inner tube 4€

multi tool 8€

2 tyre levers 3€

Kickstand 15€

Bottle Cage 5€

Helmet 30€

Lock 40€

Handlebar bag 15€

Pannier bag 25€

Phone holder 10€

Mini pump 7€


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